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Re: Would this work on FM sats?

At 05:05 AM 8/14/2006, John Geiger wrote:

>Cushcraft dualband yagi-no elevation, horizontal
>Either VX7R or FT51R at 5 watts

Lack of elevation would be an issue for higher passes.  You might 
find yourself doing better going portable with a hand held 
antenna.  $10-$20 spent on home brewing a hand held beam, or less 
than $150 for an Arrow would probably give you the best bang for the 
buck.  The radios have the power to make it through (well, when the 
stations running ridiculous amounts of power aren't there ;) )

On this side of the planet, it was routine for me to get in with 
0.25W into a 2 element Yagi, but there is little competition for the 
uplink down here.

73 de VK3JED
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