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AMSAT HF freqs?

Where did AMSAT HF go? Or maybe I'm just looking in the
wrong places.

Finally I have an HF antenna up...
Coming back to the roots of HAM radio, after all these
years of Satelltes, APRS, ATV and packet, I settled in,
expecting to be able to listen to Tuesday night AMSAT
nets ...  Nope, none listed...

OK, how about the Houston AMSAT net..?.  No mention of
HF.... gone to TV satellite...

AMSAT web page has no mention of HF nets (or I cant find it)...

Now, actually, I am not reallly looking for a scheduled net,
but just an informal "hang-out" frequency so that during a
special satellite pass, be it Experiment on ECHO, ISS, PCSAT2
or whatever, that I might be able to join a back-channel with
other participants?.

I notice many people going back to HF, and even the president
of AMSAT I see driving around with an HF whip on his bumper...

So if there are some hang-out frequencies for HF contacts,
can someone point me to the list?  thanks


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