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Satellite Tracking and tuning

At long last we decided to do autotracking. 

 But we must be missing something because it seems to be the most 
convoluted missmash of a hodgepodge.

Trying to use a M2 RC2800PDC controller
NOVA and a Kenwood TS-2000.

It seems that NOVA can do the antenna fine, but not the
radio.  We are trying HRD (Ham Radio Delux) to do the
radio control, but it wont let us split out the PCSAT2 data
at the same time.

And setting up these two programs to do the equivalent
of simply "TRACK ISS" seems to be a very tedious process
with both programs.  And then when one wants to change
satellties (which we do frequntly during the day, it is
dozens of clicks on both programs.  I'm letting a student
figure this all out, but looking over his shoulder it seems
amazingly non-intuitive...

What are we missing?

Grrr... Maybe we should go back to Instantrack...
or RTFM....

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