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Re: ao27

I did hear SO-50 today, working a couple of stations on the 17:34Z pass.
A couple of times, though, in the last week, i either didn't hear it
when i expected to, and once, on a low elevation Pacific pass, i went
from hearing my own downlink well at 140mW to not hearing anything at
all.  I'm not sure what that means...

According to 'predict' with the current KEPS, AO-27 should recieve 100%
illumination starting in the end of September, i think through the first
week in November if i remember correctly.  Of the FM birds i've used,
this has been the best for me.  It receives well; because it's a little
harder to hear, it doesn't get as crowded as UO-14 or AO-51; and it's in
a good orbit (so one can work further than either AO-51 or SO-50). Alas,
its batteries are a bit tired, but the other factors make up for the
shorter working time on a given pass.  I sure hope it's back soon!

		         -- KD6PAG
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