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RE: Ofcom Publishes 10 GHz Spectrum Sell-Off Slides

--- Bill Ress <bill@hsmicrowave.com> wrote:
> I read the proposal and while I am not keen on intrusions into our bands,
> the bright spot is that the weak signal area of 10.368 GHz won't be impacted
> and they have left 10.45 to 10.475 GHz for our satellite actives. We should
> be able to work with 25 MHz of clear space since any practical translator
> would use about 100 KHz. (note that we're a "secondary" user of 10 to 10.5
> GHz)

It's true 10.368 won't be affected but some countries don't have that
allocation. I believe in France the 10 GHz allocation is only 10.450-10.5 GHz
and in Turkey it is just 10.450 - 10.460 GHz.

In the UK the 10.45-10.475 segment won't be entirely clear, the new owners
signals won't stop dead on 10.475 GHz. The spectral mask that the Regulator
will be imposing on the new owners of 10.475+ could mean that we will have to
put up with significant levels of interference occuring between 10.465 and
10.475 GHz. 

> What is more of a concern to me, and I hope others, is the statement that
> "no amateur satellites occupy the band - 10.45 to 10.5 GHz" using this as
> another justification to plant their systems in our allocations. 

The consultants who produced the document for Ofcom knew nothing at all about
Amateur Radio. They'd only seen the words in the ITU regs. Their research on
Amateur Satellite usage seems to have been nothing more than a Google search.
They found the AMSAT.org website and got to the page 

The conclusion they drew from looking at that page was that there are no
Amateur Satellites using 10 GHz. 

> "use 'em or lose 'em" really means something here. What about a close in
> CubeSat project placing just CW/telemetry beacons in our satellite bands
> above 2.4 GHz?

Good idea. It's unfortunate that when the July 26th CubeSat launch failed we
lost 2 CubeSats that would have had Tx capability in the microwave bands, one
on 2.4 GHz the other on 5 GHz.

73 Trevor M5AKA

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