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Re: AO-51 Testing 8 Aug

In a message dated 08/08/2006 20:49:20 GMT Standard Time,  
viktor.kudielka@ieee.org writes:

Hello  Mike,

On Aug.08, 19:13 to 19:27 UTC, I had a 74 degree max. elevation  pass
of AO-51. I am sorry to report, that DCD was flickering even when the  
signal strength seemed to be strong. No copy of data.

73, Viktor,  OE1VKW at JN88DF 

While setting up the 38k4 2.4GHz transmitter for SSETI Express we  
encountered a series of problems with the modulator producing a mixture of  frequency 
and phase modulation.
After considerable effort we managed to correct that and the final 38k4  
performance was remarkable sending 1.3MB images with weak signals and very low  
bit error rates.
If the AO-51 TX is synthesised, then it may also distort the LF content as  
the loop tries to remove the modulation.
I suppose the question I'm asking is; Is it possible to run some tests  with 
known data from AO-51, look at the characteristics of the modulated  signal on 
the ground and then figure out if any non linearities  can be corrected / 
compensated for in the ground station or minimised by  changing the way the data 
is transmitted on AO-51?
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