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RE: Good quality Cable, lmr

Hi Enzo IK8OZV

I tried many cable flavors.
(RG-213, Beldon 9913-water cable hi hi, 75 ohm hard
line with transformers, etc)
All .405 inch cable is limited by its Size.
To reduce loss, you must go bigger cable.

I finally settled for LMR-600UF.
This cable is almost .750 inch.
Much bigger than stock .405 cable.
I use it for 2, 440 and 1.2 ghz.
My run is 80 feet.
It is expensive!
It works!
I do not worry about coax loss any more.

The UF version can go around rotors.
I ordered my cables Pre Assembled with connectors.

Hi to the list,
due to change the antenna cables,
I would like to know which is the better one at least
For the Satellites activates.
Unfortunately I have to use a long descent.
I want also install my old 23 elements antenna for the
1,2 GHz.
So the cable should be all for the satellites
activates and should be for
2 meters
70 centimetres
23 centimetres
I would like also to get a Mast preamplifier for the
23 centimetres.
I already have the Mast preamplifier for the 2 meters
and the 70
centimetres. They are both from Dressler and both has
the EVV Interface.
Please let me know which one is the better one at
least price and if it
needs also of the interface.
Please let me know prices and where to get them
Any suggestion will be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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