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Re: Homebrew LPVA and J-FM overcrowding [was: New Antenna]

Hi John!

> I've been using a related antenna design for about eight years now.  Those
> who have worked me can see a representation of it on my QSL cards.
> <snip>
> But i've been reluctant to publish it, as, so far, our J-FM satellites have
> been too overcrowded to tolerate much increased use.  I really respect the
> Arrow manufacturer and like it that he's getting lots of business, as he has
> has an excellent product.  On the other hand, in the past week or so, i'm
> seeing more new (or infrequent) users on AO-51, and in the past couple of
> days, better use of SO-50.  If our J-FM satellites continue to be friendly
> to beginners, 'regulars' aren't dominating the transcontinental passes, and
> perhaps if AO-27 was working again, then i would consider making the design
> generally available.  But i don't want to make what has been a bad situation
> worse by bringing too many additional users to an already overloaded resource.

Why not publish the design?  There are lots of antenna designs out there
already for those interested in making their own antennas and not buying
something like the Arrow Antennas dual-band Yagi (yes, a very nice antenna
for portable work - not just for satellites).  One more antenna design won't
probably add too many new users to the FM satellites.

Whether or not you make your antenna design widely available, is there any
chance anyone could get a copy of it from you?  I'd be interested in seeing
it, and possibly trying something besides my current handheld Yagi and the
telescoping whips I've used.

I'm happy with the slight increase in SO-50 usage over North America, even
on the passes that follow the Pacific coast.  It is fun to make cross-country
contacts on these satellites, but let's not forget other passes where there
could be new satellite users hoping to make contacts.  Even if the pass is
just you and one other person, especially if that person is a newbie, take
time to answer questions and offer advice while asking for anyone else to
join in the conversation.

> [By the way, in case anyone might feel offended, do be aware that i would
> definitely consider myself a 'regular' in mode J-FM and welcome feedback on
> my operation on these birds.]

I'm with you, John.  In a short amount of time, I've moved up from "newbie" to
"regular" on the FM satellites.  It's been fun trying out different station
configurations to see what works (trying to go to the smallest-possible station,
size- and power-wise, most of the time).  And, after 7+ months, I've yet to
make progress on setting up a home station for satellite work.  I have antennas
that can go on the house, and radios that could work at home besides my HTs.
Guess the portable satellite thing has been good to me....  :-)

Have a great weekend, and 73!

Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix, Arizona USA
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