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Re: 70 cm Tire QRM

Bruce noted:

>>>It might be
enough to show that even relatively strong FM or SSB signals from
close by aren't enough to swamp the signals from the tire telemetry
chips, by rigorous and empirical testing .. or it might not.  (A
great deal depends on how rugged the manufacturers make the telemetry
receivers and what the effects of the inevitable cost- and corner-
cutting in the design process will be.)<<<

Many of these automobile issues are resolved by the needs of the safety,
commercial and industrial users (ie police, fire, package delivery etc..)
who have no qualms about using high power(100W) radios to insure constant
communications. I'm sure the local sheriff doesn't want his dashboard
telling him his tires are going flat on a 120 mph chase down some lonely
highway...or during one of those spectacular California Freeeway chases you
see all the time.

Not suggesting that this will happen again, but at the earliest inclusion of
computers into automobile as brains, both the major radio manufacturers and
the automakers had to work together to make sure your car would continue to
run when you transmitted.

Mostly the solution was cable routing, antenna location, shielding and
bypass...some vehicles didn't make the cut, so you just didn't buy them.

It could get as far as it did with passenger side airbags, where a
"workaround" to disconnect them becomes available. As for the guy driving
beside you, that's another story.

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