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Re: 70 cm QRM (was Re:2.4GHz QRM)

Given the sorts of regulations that apply to operating radio  
equipment of any kind aboard commercial airliners, and the  
presumption that anything that transmits will pose a safety hazard  
even if it's *almost* completely obvious that there's no way it can  
pose an actual hazard, I'd be worried about this myself.  It might be  
enough to show that even relatively strong FM or SSB signals from  
close by aren't enough to swamp the signals from the tire telemetry  
chips, by rigorous and empirical testing .. or it might not.  (A  
great deal depends on how rugged the manufacturers make the telemetry  
receivers and what the effects of the inevitable cost- and corner- 
cutting in the design process will be.)

I will say this, I've had about enough of lazy bureaucrats in a  
variety of different fields of government regulation, not just this  
one, who have no technical knowledge of what they're regulating and  
tend to make really stupid and far reaching generalizations about  
what should be done about issues like this.  I'm kind of dreading the  
bureaucratic "think of the children" response this will probably get  
at the FCC, and painfully aware that the pressure to squeeze us out  
of virtually every bit of spectrum with any kind of commercial value  
will only increase ..

-Bruce, N5VB

On Aug 3, 2006, at 7:12 AM, Trevor wrote:

> The problem is not so much the RF these radiate but the danger that  
> legislators
> would seek to protect such devices. The provision of tire pressure  
> information
> via these links could be considered a safety issue. If it were  
> perceived, even
> wrongly, that Amateur transmissions on 435 MHz could interfere with  
> automobile
> safety we could see attempts to curtail amateur operations.
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