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Re: 2.4 ghz downconverters

It's nice to know my downconverter I've hardly ever used will still be 
able to be used somewhere. I live in a rural area so WifFi pollution 
shouldn't be much of a problem for me. (yet)  I understand the logic 
behind not putting S band on Eagle but it still leaves me with a bit of 
a sour taste in my mouth. I know, as it was put here, "the genie is out 
of the bottle" but if we just up and run to a different frequency every 
time there is interference or a threat of such., we soon won't have any 
frequencies left to run too.
Michael, W4HIJ

Robert McGwier wrote:
> P3E,  which AMSAT-NA supports with effort, fund raising,  cheer 
> leading,  etc. will indeed have an S band transmitter.   There is no 
> reason to cast off usable equipment.  If P3E goes well,  you will have 
> it for a decade!
> Bob
> i8cvs wrote:
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>>> Too bad for him.  With no eagle Mode S downlink there won't be much
>> demand.
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