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Whassup w/Heaven's Above?

In cross-checking my Pocketsat+ tracking program recently, I 
noticed it showed some passes that Heaven's Above omitted 
entirely.  I cross checked with my SatPC32 and it agrees 
with my Pocketsat.  I copied the keps right off of Heaven's 
Above's site and put them into Pocketsat and SatPC32, so 
shouldn't Heaven's Above come up with the same passes?  The 
site says it omits passes lower than 10 degrees which explains 
some of the omissions, but it misses a lot more that those.  
As an example, Heaven's Above only shows 2 ISS passes for my 
location until August 11.  Pocketsat and SatPC32 show dozens.  
Is Heaven's Above tango uniform or what am I doing wrong?

Mark K5LXP
Albuquerque, NM
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