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Re: 2.4GHz QRM

Tim Tuck wrote:
> Hi all,
> Reading all of this discussion with interest I was wondering what is the future
> of 2.4Ghz ?
> Given Wifi appears to be moving towards 5.8Ghz, what is going to be the primary
> occupier of S band when Eagle is ready to launch ?
> Are there more services moving towards 2.4Ghz or away from it ?
> Being optimistic I am hoping that the current occupants will move upward in
> their ever increasing search for more bandwidth, leaving 2.4Ghz to us :)

There are tremendous propagation losses for moving "up" in frequency to 5.8ghz. 
  The path loss is huge.  People already have problems with their 2.4ghz wifi 
working in their houses/buildings well.  5.8ghz is worse, I had 802.11a routers 
early on which worked very poorly, but that was early technology.  If they 
improve receivers and/or are allowed more power, they can perhaps meet 802.11b/g 
current performance.  Prices will be high for new gear.  People with existing 
gear won't replace it to be nice to us.  The commercial wifi companies are using 
some 2.4ghz long haul paths, out doors, making use of the FCCs narrow beamwidth, 
above 21dbi gain allowance.  This puts very, very noisy, high power tunnels over 
the cities.  If you are in one of these tunnels, you probably are going to hear it.

Gregg Wonderly
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