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Re: 2.4GHz QRM

>Given Wifi appears to be moving towards 5.8Ghz, what is going 
>to be the primaryoccupier of S band when Eagle is ready to launch ?
>Are there more services moving towards 2.4Ghz or away from it ?

Ah, but the "consumer" and the electronics industry are only
beginnning to get on the wireless bandwagon, and they will
never back off.  The demand is forever for more gizmos...

It will be a generation before we tire of gizmos and NiCds to run
it all.  And by the time Gas is $8 a gallon (like it is now in Eurpoe)
and there is not enough Nickle and Cadmium left on the planet 
except in land-fills, maybe then people will re-learn that it actually
is FASTER to clear some brush with a swing blade and a hand sickle.  
Faster to move bulk leaves with a rake than a leaf blower, and in many
cases, easier to delimb fallen branches with a good sharp ax then
fuss with a chain saw...

But wireless?  I doubt the genie will ever be back in the bottle.
You can't run fiber from the fantail...

de Wb4APR, Bob
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