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Re: Eagle and P3E

Robert McGwier wrote:
> Nate:
> Amateurs operating in the amateur service are allowed to transmit IN OUR 
> BANDS with power and gains exceeding part 15 with 802.11 equipment.  
> ARRL's  HSMM group has been attempting to do this for a while.   The 
> content restrictions are just onerous (you can't legally surf the web 
> doing and other things).   If I get another shot at the board of 
> directors of the ARRL,  I am going to really shove as hard as I can 
> without getting thrown out, that we move to have the content 
> restrictions relaxed considerably above NNN MHz to encourage 
> experimentation.  I might get shot down or their might be some serious 
> pitfalls that I am overlooking. I would at least like them to consider 
> pro-change arguments.
> Bob
> N4HY

Sounds good Bob.  I agree that hams *can* do it if they stay down in our 
portion of the band and add a CALLSIGN somewhere to the transmission... 
amongst other rules which as you mention are getting so outdated that 
they make safe experimentation difficult.

Hopefully your comments are heard by those who have access to the FCC 
powers that be and then the FCC makes a move someday on Part 97 changes 
to accommodate modern data networks that are secured from malicious 
users.  (e.g. encryption when necessary for command/control, etc.)

Good luck!

Nate WY0X
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