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Re: 2.4GHz QRM

Hear, hear!!  How I miss the simplicity of Mode A on RS-10/11, RS-12/13 
(Mode K, too), and RS-15.  A simple 10-Meter dipole in the attic, a 
turnstile on a tripod in the driveway (later, an Eggbeater on the roof) and 
oh, the contacts I made with my old Drake twins with the TC-2 transmit 
converter!  And the dismay of the guy on the other end when he found out I 
was running "hollow state"!!  Nice, solid signals on the downlink, plenty of 
other users and lots of  kHz to spread out the Q's.  No preamps, no rotors, 
no beams, and very little doppler to contend with.  Of course, those birds 
were piggy-backed on Russian (military?) satellites with oodles of power to 
spare...  wish we could get a ride like that today!

George, KA3HSW

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> I really hate to say this, but another approach is to thrown inthe
> towel and go back to HAM radio's legacy of using spectrum that
> no one else wants.  It used to be higher and higher.  Now maybe
> it is going back to HF...
> I think the ultimate in linear transponders (for a LEO) these days
> would be a 10 meter downlink.  THink Mode A.  And give it enough
> power to be heard on a mobile with a whip.  No one is trying to
> take away 29 MHz...
> Just a thought.
> That is why PCSAT2, and RAFT and MARScom, three or our recent
> ham radio satellites are experiementing with 10 m as a very useable
> satellite band....
> Bob, WB4APR
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