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Re: Eagle and P3E

Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> Have seen a couple of emails indicating there will be no 
>> S-band downlink for Eagle or P3E.  Is this true?  
>> If so, I wonder what I do with the 2 S-band downconverters 
>> and 3ft dish I bought new to operate on AO40???
> What I woiuld like to see some experimentation with is pointing
> such dishes at a nearby Water tank, Radio or TV tower, or
> anything metalic and then having a buddy do the same
> thing.  With 30 dB of antenna gain on both ends it would seem
> like passive reflection would have some potential for success
> for local 2.4 GHz communicaations.
> That is, put a WiFi access point pointing at the watertank, and
> then all hams with dishes point their WiFi dishes at the same
> water tank and get wireless access....
> If you can't lick-em, join-em...?
> Bob, Wb4APR

There is a legal ERP limit for point to point and point to multipoint on 
802.11_x_ systems to remain in Part 15.

Don't encourage the hams to blow these limits using large antennas (any 
more than the non-hams already do), causing even more interference.

Nate WY0X
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