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Re: Eagle and P3E

> Have seen a couple of emails indicating there will be no 
> S-band downlink for Eagle or P3E.  Is this true?  
>If so, I wonder what I do with the 2 S-band downconverters 
>and 3ft dish I bought new to operate on AO40???

What I woiuld like to see some experimentation with is pointing
such dishes at a nearby Water tank, Radio or TV tower, or
anything metalic and then having a buddy do the same
thing.  With 30 dB of antenna gain on both ends it would seem
like passive reflection would have some potential for success
for local 2.4 GHz communicaations.

That is, put a WiFi access point pointing at the watertank, and
then all hams with dishes point their WiFi dishes at the same
water tank and get wireless access....

If you can't lick-em, join-em...?

Bob, Wb4APR
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