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RE: This Weekend in Minneapolis: Central States VHF S ociety Meeting

> I liked the C-C rider concept, but I like the S1/C 
> transponder proposal as 
> well.  Recently I purchased a 50W amplifier and PSU for 2.4GHz from 
> decommissioned MMDS equipment at less than US$100.  With my 2.4GHz 
> transverter I am half ready.   I haven't seen any equipment as 
> cheap/available for a 5.65GHz uplink compared to 2.4GHz. 

I thought 2.4 GHz was space --> earth only, so setting up for an uplink
there would be a waste of time and money.  2.4GHz Tx gear would be for
terrestrial use only.

> I too would like to see a mode U/S2 transponder.  As I live 
> in a rural 
> location, I couldn't comment on how noisy 3.4GHz is in our 
> cities.  2.4GHz is 
> still usable here.   

2.4 GHz is _very_ noisy in Melbourne.  Wireless LANs alone can be picked up
almost anywhere, let alone all the other cordless gadgets out there.
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