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Re: Sound cards for 9600

Your run-of-the-mill sound card (16-bit, 48 kHz sample rate) probably won't cut it, but a good 24-bit 96 kHz card might...  I would recommend any of the M-Audio line.  They are what the audio pros use (studios and professional musicians).  Even their "bottom of the line" Revolution 5.1 ($99.95) is 24-bit, 96 kHz sampling, 192 kHz on playback.  They even have multi-track units, with from 4 to 16 inputs.  Creative and Turtle Beach also have 96k cards, but I don't know anything about their lineups...  just that everyone I know in pro audio is using M-Audio.

George, KA3HSW

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>I was wondering what sound cards work well with 9600. Is
>their a list of reccomended cards to use. Or is trying to
>copy 9600 baud with a sound card and software program
>not too successful?
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