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Re: CubeSats on same freq!!

>>> "Bill Ress" <bill@hsmicrowave.com> 07/26/06 2:51 PM >>>
>SACRED and RINCON,...[both], operate on 436.870 MHz.
>nCUBE-1 and ICE Cube-1, are on 437.305 MHz.

Should not be a problem, since Cubesats do not have a power
budget to even closely approach 100% dutycycle.  Most operate
with only a few data packets or CW bursts per minute or so.
This low duty cycle operation is well suited to channel sharing,
especially since it lets one ground station receive data from 
both birds at the same time.

In fact, we operate PCSAT-1,PCSAT2, ANDE and RAFT and
all of our future designs on the same 145.825 1200 baud
downlink frequency and encourge other satellites to also 
share this same low-duty-cycle downlink.  This makes it much
easier to operate our global system of APRS sat-gates which
dont have to re-tune for each satellite.  Also, by sharing
frequencies, it is good use of the spectrum.

Also, it allows many satellites to supprot the identical mission
and so the users on the ground dont have to care 'which'
satellite is in view, just that there will eventually be one
to show up and relay their packet.  But this is straying from
yoru original observation...

de WB4APR, Bob
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