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Hi All,

Someone (Roger Kolakowski I think), mentioned about software
to decode the PICPOT telemetry.

>From what I've read, the PICPOT telemetry is embedded in a standard
APRS packet, but as a bunch of compressed values, rather than the
standard APRS Telemetry format.

This is actually understandable, as they have far more values than
the typical APRS bird transmits in its telemetry stream.

Is anyone listening to the UHF APRS downlink, and feeding to
APRS-IS ? I'm currently working on version 1.3 of aprstlm,
(http://www.xciv.org/~iain/aprstlm/v1.2/) and I'm quite happy to add
support for PICPOT.

Version 1.3 already has hooks for non standard satellites, so its
just a case of me adding the extra decode, and display functions,
and a hook to disable the generic functions.

I was planning to add support for RAFT and ANDE prior to release,
hence it not being released yet. One more satellite wont be a 
problem, and RAFT/ANDE are a little while off launch.

(Note, if no-one is feeding APRS-IS, I'm still willing to add
support for PICPOT to aprstlm, but you'd need an APRS server to feed
you the APRS stream)

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