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Re: This Weekend in Minneapolis: Central States VHF Society Meeting

Edward R. Cole wrote:

>Another issue is that mw satellite sub-bands do not coincide with
>terrestrial sub-bands requiring additional equipment (e.g. my 2304, 3456,
>5760, and 10368 equipment is not usable for satellite operation).

My talk at CSVHFS addresses exactly this issue:  how to build flexible 
transverters that can cover the entire microwave band without having to 
switch parts.  The idea hinges on building an accurate, stable, yet 
tunable LO, which means you can have whatever IF you want.  Turns out 
this is easy to do out of common surplus parts.  Just for kicks, I built 
a prototype RX chain on my bench that will works on both 10.368 and 
10.450 with a 432.0 IF.

-Andy K0SM/2
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