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Re: This Weekend in Minneapolis: Central States VHF Society Meeting

At 01:01 AM 7/25/2006 -0400, Tom Clark, K3IO wrote:
>This coming weekend, Bob McGwier (N4HY) and I are presenting a paper on
>AMSAT's efforts on EAGLE and P3E at the Central States VHF Society
>meeting in Minneapolis. The following words come from Bruce, W9FZ:
>The 40th Annual Central States VHF Conference is just days away on July
28th and 29th in Bloomington, MN. It's being held at the Ramada Mall of
>America (formerly The Thunderbird) and is just across the parking lot from
the Mall of America. More details can be seen at http://www.csvhfs.org/.
>Our paper contains a number of updates concerning EAGLE which you will
read about in the next Journal. But for an advance view, you can see our
CSVHFS paper, available as a ~3.9 MB PDF file at
>Sorry it's so long -- I hope you have a fast internet feed!
>73 de Tom, K3IO (ex W3IWI)


As I understand the conclusions from the CSVHFS presentation, Eagle is
proposed with:
Mode UV voice
Mode UV text
Mode S1C digital voice & video
Mode S2 tlm beacon
no mode L uplink
no mode S downlink
nothing stated about bands above C; what happened to mode UX or CX?

Well, I'm not too happy with this result since I have invested in 60w
mode-L and mode US & LS downlink equipment that will not have any use
(except the beacon).  Of course glad that mode UV is supported.  I am not
sure I see how this fits into replicating P3E.

Another issue is that mw satellite sub-bands do not coincide with
terrestrial sub-bands requiring additional equipment (e.g. my 2304, 3456,
5760, and 10368 equipment is not usable for satellite operation).

I would suggest that Mode S (voice downlink) be included as a capablity to
test.  If enough ERP is provided this will overcome terrestrial WiFi
interference.  If not then we will have to surplus our mode-L and mode-S
stuff (ouch!).

I will be on a retirement budget by 2010 so the likelyhood of equiping for
new satellite mw modes is slim.

Ed - KL7UW  
http://www.qsl.net/al7eb - BP40iq 
144-EME: FT-847, mgf-1801/1402, 4xM2-xpol-20, 170w
432-EME: FT-847, mgf-1402, 1x21-ele (18.6 dBi), 60w
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