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Mode L/U on AO-51

I spent some time last night IMPROVING my Doppler Shift
method on Mode L (through AO-51).  I programmed in TEN
channels in the IC-970 this time, ran two computers for
tracking, with one showing 1268.700 as BEACON frequency
for Doppler Shift, and the other one 435.150 for that shift.

It gave me a better perspective for keeping my audio clear
and ungarbled.  I mostly watched the Doppler Shift for
1268.700, and used that as a reference for selecting my

I've tried computer controlled Doppler Shift, with only limited
results.  (I need to go back and experiment with that some

However, the surprise this morning was--- I got on AO-51
during the 9:20AM pass (in Texas), and was SOLID COPY
from AOS to LOS, using headphones on downlink.  I gave
my CALLSIGN, GRID, and sometimes a few other comments.
But, I found absolutely NO contacts!  Guess I just caught
everyone at a bad time?

I know that Doppler is a CHALLENGE using this mode.  That's
why I worked again last night, making even more changes to my
method, to improve my accuracy in working L/U mode.

Charlie, N5TD
Temple, Tx
AMSAT #9089
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