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For Sale Microwave Modules 435 -> 28 MHz transverter

I have for sale a Microwave Modules 70cm to 10m transverter. This unit has
the crystal installed to operate in the satellite band from 435 to 437 Mhz;
the crystal for 432 Mhz will be shipped along with the transverter and can
be installed for terrestrial work if desired. 

Using this transverter and a suitable antenna system, an ordinary HF rig
will hear the satellites such as FO-29 on SSB and, in FM mode, AO-51, SO-50
and two Cubesats to be launched July 26th, Rincon and SACRED. If your
receiver picks up signals in the 30  31 Mhz range, there are many other
Cubesats you can receive, along with LO-19.
An ordinary 2m 5w HT would suffice to uplink to AO-51, SO-50; a multimode
10w 2m rig would be ideal for FO-29 uplink.

Using separate inputs and outputs from the receive path, this transverter
will also transmit on 70cm when fed with a very low power signal from the
10m transmitter. In this mode, the transverter could be used to uplink to
VO-52 and AO-07.

I have found this transverter to be an excellent low-cost means of
exploring the world of amateur satellites. I am selling it because I have
replaced it with an all-band multi-mode rig, but for a year or so this
allowed me to get my feet wet in amateur satellites, practicing the basic
skills. Built into a sturdy metal case, this drifts very little, making
computer controlled tuning quite practical. With it, I provide a 3' power
cord connecting to the 5 pin DIN connector and standard anderson PowerPoles.

I have set up a page with audio of the transverter working different
satellites. These should assure interested parties that it has the
necessary low noise floor and that it does not drift. 


I am asking $135 US plus actual cost of shipping for this. University
students pay $115; High school students pay $100. 5% of the sale will go to
AMSAT. First reply receives the unit. If I get no replies by the end of the
weekend, I'll sell it on ebay.

73, Bruce
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