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Re: AO-51 or ECHO /WATTS

Quoting Steve Meuse <smeuse@mara.org>:

> Mr Jeffrey Ross expunged (res0y3af1@verizon.net):
> > p.s. and what is this about Japans sat only active over there
> country,
> > should we do this also? great idea to save power!!
> FO-29 is active all the time.
> How would all the non US hams who dontated to ECHO feel about us turning
> it on just over the USA?
> -Steve
> ----

Is this perhaps a reference to Cute-1 and Cute-1.7? The latter's digipeater
was operational only over Japan, though reading the table on this page
http://lss.mes.titech.ac.jp/ssp/cute1.7/howtoreceive_e.html, it seems they
planned to increase its range if things progressed.

In my opinion, the team behind these cubesats made a wise decision to limit
this functionality in the early going: power is quite short on those
babies; their work on how to make the best of it benefits us all. I'm sure
if a US team decided to build a cubesat with some of its functionality
limited to passes over the US the rest of the world would understand. 

As for satellites the size of FO-20, FO-29 and AO-51, happily both Amsat-NA
and Jamsat have decided that these should operate globally. My logbook can
attest to my gratitude for the Japanese team's hard work and generosity.

73, Bruce 
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