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Re: CubeSats KEPS update

Quoting i8cvs <domenico.i8cvs@tin.it>:

> Hi Mineo, JE9PEL
> You missed PICPOT CubeSat that will be launched day 26 july 2006
> as well.
> PICPOT has been built by the "Politecnico di Torino" and will use
> the frequencies 437.485 MHz and 2440.000 MHz in to the Amateur
> Satellite Service allocation. 
> Read please:
> http://polimage.polito.it/picpot/html/index.shtml
> If you need additional information please contact
> mailto:qsl_picpot@charlie.polito.it

Wow, I've never seen this cubesat mentioned in any of the lists; but it's
great news that another 2440 signal will be available. Am I right to read
the picture on pg. 89 of this
to mean that the signal will be 30 dBm, or 1 W? In which case, I suppose it
won't be continuous. I think a good, reliable 13cm signal in LEO would be a
great boon to people setting up for HEO. (I know we can always turn on
Echo's FM signal, but Echo's a pretty busy bird.)

73, Bruce
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