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Re: AO-51 or ECHO downlink power

>>> McGrane <tmcgrane@suffolk.lib.ny.us> 07/20/06 12:24 PM >>>
>I have a few points regarding the low power downlink of ECHO.......
>A year and a half ago, I proposed...changeing the satellite
>control to allow excess solar power, beyong battery charging, 
>to be directed to the transmitters for higher power daylight operation.

I wonder also if the transmitters are on all the time including the 90% of
the time they are not over the 10% of the earth with Ham radio 
operators?  I don't know, because when I listen (in the usa) of course
they are always on.  I dont know what they do the other 95% of the
time.  Since there is PL on the uplink, it would seem possible to
have that start a 1 minute time out timer that would key up the TX
while in view of users, and then time out 1 minute after last user?

This would allow a 10dB increase in TX power with no impact on
average power budget.

>I believe one of the intents of echo was to introduce new users to
>satellites and amsat. 

Being 10 dB stronger when in view, and Off when no one is in the
footprint  would make it a lot more visible to modest users.
Again, I could be fully wrong and maybe it does only come up on
PL 67.  But I could not find any mode-descriptions on the web
page that gave this kind of detail.  So forgive me for guessing...
or for not finding the right info...

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