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Open questions for the Board of Directors candidates

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the board candidates for being 
willing to serve our organization and to invest their time and energy in 
advancing AMSAT.

I have been reading the candidacy statements with great interest and have 
the following questions for the candidates.

1.	How are you planning to advance AMSAT as a professional organization in 
terms of management, membership service and transparency?
2.	How are you planning on keeping members informed about your own personal 
accomplishments as BOD member during your term?
3.	How are you planning on advancing the knowledge of our organization, 
particular our members as it relates to education, training.
4.	How often have you been using our existing satellites (e.g. AO-51) in the 
last year.
5.	What do you consider as the greatest asset AMSAT has?
6.	What do you consider as our greatest weakness and how will you address 

I hope these questions will find some open ears and will help in defining 
your position. I also would encourage all AMSAT members to post their own 
questions before you vote!

Thanks, Stefan VE4NSA
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