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Its been a cracker today..

The high temperatures in the NW had a few side effects today.

Shortly after 17:00 and then again not long after 18:00 we had a  
couple of power spikes, that took out a few system (actually a lot of  
systems). It was probably the time that people got home from work and  
switched on their fans etc..

The AMSAT-UK webserver went on the first spike, and hadn't recovered  
fully when it was hit by the second spike.

On my way back to the carpark I called in to the computer centre to  
see all manner of staff running around like headless chickens.  The  
monitor on the AUK server was dead and all I could see was a flashing  
green power LED. A brief power cycle didn't bring any life back and  
after a few more I was about to give up on it. Then just give it one  
last go and it came up.  At that point I decided to make my exit and  
go home.

The AMSAT-UK server seems to be running OK (including the test server  
- more about that at the Colloquium)

Bye for now, John
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