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Re: [PNWVHFS] vucc

QSL'ing has got to be the strangest thing these days....
What can I say?   I've gone so far as to  actually fill out "mobile
reply cards" (MRC's)  and take them with me to hamfests and 
when I run into these non-QSL'ers,  take them aside and have them
sign the cards right on the spot!    Sometimes they him and haw but
usually 99% of the time they will sign.  And some of these are 
"rover" QSO's with several grids, counties, etc. on one card. 

I heard somebody last night on 6 meters saying, "If you want a QSL, 
go to E-QSL and pick mine up, that's the only way I QSL."  Well I guess
he doesn't know that those things are worthless for anything except 
E-awards from E-QSL.

Hopefully  LOTW will expand to include VUCC, that would be great! 
It works nicely as long as the stations put ALL their info into LOTW when
they get signed up for it.  It shows State/county/grid/IOTA, etc. if  you
it on your information.  I've gotten  thousands of confirmations back
LOTW and they DO count for something! 

John K6YK
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