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Board of Directors election

Fellow members,
	I have just received my AMSAT Board election materials in the post (as 
will you, shortly, if you have not already received them).  I note that 
the printer has omitted critical information from my prepared Candidate 
Statement, an error which I would like to correct.
	My ballot statement starts by citing the AMSAT Mission Statement, with 
several key words italicized for emphasis.  The printer omitted the 
italics, completely changing the meaning of my statement!  (Fortunately, 
the version posted to the AMSAT website is true to my original.)
	To clarify my intent, the words which I had presented in italics are 
"space education," "educational institutions," and "training."  Please 
keep this in mind when you read the printed candidates' statements.  As 
your Director of Education, those specific words constitute my entire 
platform for re-election to the AMSAT Board.
	Please don't forget to exercise your right and obligation as an AMSAT 
member, and VOTE in this election!
	73,  Paul  N6TX

Dr. H. Paul Shuch, N6TX
AMSAT Director of Education
n6tx@amsat.org    www.qsl.net/n6tx
Grid Square  FN11lh
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