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SO-50 questions

Hi all,
I just tried to see, if it is possible to extend
the periode (10 min.) by transmitting a 74.4 Hz CTCSS tone,
when SO-50 is already on.
It was not possible to find out :-(

The interesting thing was that SO-50 seems to be on
for like 12 min. - not 10 min. once it is started.
I saw that on two passes today. In both cases I started it
with the 74.4 Hz tone myself.

To establish the correct answer to the first question, I need someone to the
west af me to start SO-50 at a time known to me.
The passes are just like 13 to 14 min. long, which makes it difficult
to reach a conclusion from my QTH, if I have to start it myself.
Portugal would be a good place - anyone interested ?
73 OZ1MY
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