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Re: SO-50 and 74.4 tone

Hi Mark!

> Documentation online states that you can reset the timer before the 10
> minutes is up but in my experience with it, it seems that this is not
> the case.  Many times I have sent the tone to prevent it from closing
> later in the pass and have it shut down in under 10 minutes.  I
> suppose someone could have been transmitting without tone each time
> I've done that and the satellite didn't hear me but it's not likely.

This has also been my experience lately, when working SO-50 passes
with a true full-duplex-capable radio at home (IC-2720H mobile radio -
desense issues don't let me work full-duplex on my IC-W32A).  I tried to
send the 74.4 Hz tone during a pass, trying to restart the timer so I
wouldn't need to worry about it toward the end of the pass, but it didn't
seem to work.  Once SO-50's downlink stopped, I could restart it with the
74.4 Hz tone.

Thanks for all the comments on this thread.  73 from the hot desert.....

Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix, Arizona USA
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