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Re: A little FO-29 DX

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From: "Bruce Robertson" <broberts@mta.ca>
To: <amsat-bb@amsat.org>
Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2006 8:45 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] A little FO-29 DX

> Gang:
> I8CVS and I (VE9QRP) just finished a QSO on FO-29, our second, I believe.
> Dom was down below 1 degree and I was around 6. Total distance was 6130
> my best so far on any bird.
> People in Eastern NA should keep an ear out on these weekend afternoon
> trans-Atlantic passes via FO-29. The radio pops with EU DX! And folks with
> killer stations like I8CVS, don't wait for P3E to work some DX: give a
> on the low passes and see if you can give a novice like me a thrill.
> In the same spirit, a question: has anyone worked trans-Atlantic on VO-52?
> 73, Bruce

Hi Bruce, VE9QRP

During orbit 48954 you started to be in acquisition with me via FO-29 at
18:15 UTC when my EL was 12° but  I started to call you only at 18:21UTC
when my EL was only 2.8° when I realized that OK1DEU was not hearing
your call.

Our QSO ended at 18:22 UTC when my EL was 0.6° because at that AZ= 325°
I have the hill of Posillipo in Naples wich is about 20 km away and subtend
an angle of about 0.5° above the horizon.

Between your FN75TW and my JN70ES the total distance as calculated using
the VK3UM EME Planner is 6144.5 km

You are correct and this is the second contact with you via FO-29 but I have
also made several QSO's via FO-29 with W1FC in FN41

The orbit of FO-29 is very interesting because the eccentricity E0= 0.034976
so that the perigee (Phs= 256 ) occurs at 801.3 km and the Apogee (Phs=128)
occurs at 1321.7 km

Since the inclination I0= 98.50810° than the orbit is retrograde and the
rate of change of W0 the Argument of Perigee is -2.595°/day

The above rate of change of W0 make the SSP position of the Apogee and
Perigee to periodically shift over the earth so that actually the Apogee at
Phs=128 occurs during the North bound ascending orbits of FO-29 when the
foot print is maximum at Phs=128 including the east coast of USA from

Taking advantage of the above favourable conditions I will take a look for
any one in USA and Canada is interested to a schedule via FO-29 both on

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico
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