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>Hi to the list, just a minute ago I heard the PCSAT2.
>Can anybody tell me how it works?
>I mean where to TX and where to RX?
>I've tried to hear on 29.400 but nothing heard.

The uplink is on 29.401 MHz PSK31 or CW and we hope stations
with lots of power can try it..

>I can hear only packets on 70cm 435.275.
>Sent a connection ( C PCSAT2 ) via the 70 cm but no connection.
>Where I am missing?

The packet uplink is the APRS satellite frequency of 145.825
and the packet downlink is 435.275.  So you should try
your connection on uplink 145.825 and downlink on 435.275.

The 29.401 uplink is not on unless triggered.  To trigger
the 29.401 uplink and 435.275 donlink, you simple 
send a normal 1200 baud AX.25 connnect request
to PCSAT2 on the 145.825 uplink.  The CONNECTED
LED in the satellite is what turns on the 10m to 435
transponder.  ANd it will time out after 1 minute.

Please experiment.  We only have 1 month left for
PCSAT2 and we hope someone has enough power to
get into the 10m uplink (which is very deaf)...

See the PCSAT2 operations page:

PCSAT2 also responds to 9600 baud digipeating
and also you can sent the connect request via 9600.
THis is useful for some grond stations who use 9600
all the time to monitor the APRS downlink and so this
way they do not even have to change baudrate
to trigger the 10m to 435 MHz transponder.

US Naval Academy Satellite Lab
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