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Re: AO-51 APRS Satgates

Did some APRS testing via ECHO today...

I was unsuccessful digipeating via PACB-1 digipeater on AO-51
today (saturday).  I'm not sure why.  It was an overhead 
pass, and I was getting good 435.150 +/- downlink.

It could be that I simply could not see myself because of the
lack of any TXdelay on the 9600 baud downlink.  This is a 
known problem and why we always say it is difficult to see 
one's own signal using the half-duplex TNC built into the D700
radio.  My previous tests had been using the APRS in my 
car as the Uplink and then running in doors to watch the
downlink from the sat station.  I had seen some success there.

Today, the wife had the car, so I thought I would try
one-hand clapping mode...  Anyway, wonder if anyone
saw me?

Also, on my rig the downlink on 435.150+/- seems to center 
a few KHz high during the pass?

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