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Price of used FT-847?


If anybody has bought or sold a used FT-847 in excellent condition in the
past few months, and would be willing to share his/her price information,
please drop me a note off list, and whether it had the optional Collins SSB
filters.  I am NOT in the market for one at this time, but am trying to
establish a replacement cost.  

Yaesu/Vertex has seemingly lost mine when returning it from some minor
maintenance, though they messed up the handling of that as well.  I got a
very nice FT-990 in its place, but the owner of that rig has not so far
received mine.  They put the wrong UPS label on mine, even though their own
internal use label, with the correct address, was right beside it.  A very
apologetic lady named Loretta explained that they had replaced their entire
customer service department, and that there was still some training to be
done.  Gee, ya think?

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