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AMRASE - Radio Comunications and Aero Space Research Institute

AMRASE - Radio Comunications and Aero Space Research Institute



   AMRASE is brazilian NGO (Non-Governamental Organization) located in Rio de
Janeiro, supported by private funds, nonprofit research and educational
institute and is devoted to:

      Develop technical programms to be implemented in schools and
universities, in the fields of Eletronics, Aeronautics, Radio Astronomy, Radio
Comunications and Space Sciences;

      Help the Society, the Civil Defense, Police, Paramedics and Armed
Forces in cases of disaster and public calamity, providing radio stations and
trained people in emergency situations where no other means of communications
are available;

      Project and construct, in partnership with another research agencies,
experimental aircrafts, communication satellites or another kinds of
spacecrafts as well, with pacific objectives, towards new alternative
technologies that can be used in defense and preservation of atmospheric,
oceanographic and space environment;

       Promote gatherings, workshops and simposiums, national and
international wide, in order to promote scientific knowledge interchange;

      Divulge scientific culture to general public, with special focus on

      Provide completely free educational services, according to brazilian
law 9.790/99.

      AMRASE - Main Projects

      - Radio Comunications and Aero Space Research Institute -


           Space Project Camoes is an educational program developed by AMRAD
(a portuguese radio institute) in partnership with AMRASE. The goal of this
project is to build and launch a LEO satellite (Low Earth Orbit) called
CAMOESAT-1, working together with students and professors, with a radio
payload inside that will, among other things, transmit a voice message of
peace, talked by childrens in portuguese language.

          In order to empower international friendship between Brasil and
Portugal with all other portuguese speaking countries like Angola, Cabo Verde,
Guine-Bissau, Moambique, So Tom e Principe, Goa and Timor Leste, AMRASE and
AMRAD will invite universities in these fellow countries to participate in
Project Camoes, wich is already been started by our engineers and

           Important to remember that Luis Vaz de Cames (picture below) was
the most famous portuguese poet. Born in XVII century, he was the author of
epic "Os Lusiadas" and countless another beautiful writings.

AMRASE (Brazil) and AMRAD (Portugal)

Space Project CAMES

Radio, Electronics and Aerospace Educations and Development Program for


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