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Re: OR-360 position pot value?

Dave Guimont wrote:
>> Anyone happen to know the value of the positon pot in the old Gemini 
>> Orbit 360 TV rotators? I have one that may have gone west and I can't 
>> get an accurate reading with my ohm meter.
> Hi Michael,
> I see that Tony answered your question..
> I'm not familiar with that rotator, but with my old 5400's I corrected 
> the problem I had with them.
> The pot connections were riveted in place, and somehow the rivets 
> worked loose in the AZ pot, and gave erratic readings....A drop of 
> solder fixed it, and I used them that way for years...
> Again, not familiar with your rotator, but you might check the pots...
>            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
>                    Disagree: I learn....
>               Pulling for P3E...
> This particular pot won't "zero" out. At one exteme of rotation, it is 
> at 360 degrees and at the other it is at 16 degrees, not 0 as it 
> should be.
 I've already taken it apart and inspected it but could find nothing 
wrong. Thanks for the tip, I may try again.
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