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PCSAT2 High Power 10m uplink experiment.

Last chance for someone with 1KW to punch through
the PCSAT2 10m PSK-31 transponder.

We will leave the PSK-31 10m to 2m Transponder
enabled on PCSAT2 for the remining one month of
PCSAT2's on orbit life.  We hope someone can
muster enough power on 10 meters (29.401 MHz)
to be heard.  Either CW or PSK31.

If you have high power on 10m, simply activate the
transponder by sending a normal 1200 baud connect
request to PCSAT2 on the 145.825 uplink.  beyond
that, the AX.25 packet is not involved.  Then when
you hear the 435.275 downlink come up, then TX
on 10 meters and see if you can hear yourself on
the FM downlink.

Everyone can hear the downlink.  But it is listening
to practically nothing on 10m.  We do not know if
this is an antenna anomoly or something happened
to the receiver.  But with only 1 month to go, we
may as well hit it with everything we got.

Remeber, this is a LINEAR uplink, FM downlink.
We hoped it was going to be the future for multi-user
PSK31 satellite transponders but using the FM
dowlink lets EVERYONE hear exactly what everyone
else hears and it eliminates the high doppler on

Reports welcome.
de Wb4APR
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