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Good experience with Mexican students and AO-51

Hi all,
Just a positive story about using AO-51 to demonstrate
working satellites for our Mexican summerstudents here
at the Engineering College of Copenhagen.
I let themselves find out when the pass was best during this
morning. That got them into time zones, geography and age
of keplerian elements and the general use of tracking programs.

Once all the groups had agreed upon the best pass, they were issued
with a compass and found a good spot for the event.
I had provided them with a FT817 and the 70 cm part of an ARROW antenna.

During the setup and waiting we suddenly had a lot of noise on the
receive frequency 435.300 MHz. It turned out to be a digital camera one
of the girls had with her. Interesting observation for the students and for

The demo itself was great - the satellite appeared at the time predicted
and we had a few QSOs to listen to.
When the language changed to Spanish they all listened and smiled.

Also had the opportunity to tell them about the misuse of our
frequencies in Mexico. They knew about that.

73 OZ1MY
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