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AO-51 APRS Satgates

>>> "Andrew Glasbrenner" <glasbrenner@mindspring.com> 07/10/06 10:27 PM >>>
>The 435.300 V/U repeater will remain operational all month, 
>and whenever a digital mode is on, the digipeater will be enabled. 
>Please continue to report digi experiences via the ao51-modes 
>email. If anyone sets up a  gateway, please let us know that too.

We are excited about the potential here for tying ECHO downlink into
the global APRS internet system.  One key schedule issue is that all of 
the existing 9600 baud automated SATgates for PCSAT2  are tied into
a dedicated satellite only server, and since we are only one month
from the de-orbit of PCSAT2, we are hesitant to re-configure a
critical and working system until then.

But if the next Shuttle launch goes on schedule, PCSAT2 will be removed
from service about 1 Septermber and then some of those dedicated 9600
baud SATgates can shift over to AO-51 (ECHO)...  

THen, anyone, anywhere can use their mobile APRS station when
in wilderness areas, to get into the APRS system via ECHO

de WB4APR, BOb
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