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Re: ISS over SoCal

>>> Jim Jerzycke <kq6ea@pacbell.net> 07/08/06 12:25 AM >>>
>Just watched the ISS pass over Southern California,
>... Caught two messages on my TH-7D.... Had my neighbors 
>and their children just absolutely fascinated......

Great!  Yes it is a hoot to just hold an HT and see all the
ARISS contacts.  But it is also a little frustrating to see
some packets that are not APRS formatted that you can't
see.  These are usually just keyboard packets from some
other stations not using any protocol.

It is so easy to send packets via ISS that everyone can
see:  Here are the two main things that all ARISS usres
can consider to give their packets visibilty on the front
panel of all D7 and D700's that are monitoring.

1) If sending any kind of keyboard packet simply make the
first character on each line begin with a ">".  That turns it
into an APRS status packet that all radios will display.

2) If sending an APRS message to someone else, send it
to ALL instead of the specific callsign.  and simply use the 
other persons call in the text.  That way all the radios will 
still display the message so that others can watch the QSO.
Normallly the radio only displays mesages addressed only
to the radio.  But by doing all Satelite messages to ALL,
then everyone gets to read the mail.

Yes, and dont forget that there are many satellites that
dowlink in AX.25 that at least some packets can be
captured on the front panel of the D& and D700 radios:
ISS, PCSAT-1, PCSAT2, and now ECHO (AO-51).

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