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Kenwood D7 software under Linux?

In all my trials recently with the Kenwood TH-D7, I spent a lot of time 
pushing buttons and twiddling knobs, navigating the twisty passages of the 
radio's menu system.  It dawned on my that there was some software sitting 
on my PC that could have made it a lot easier.

Kenwood has the MCP_D7G software package for windows, where it works just 
fine.  But, my dual-boot system is 99% of the time running Linux...

Has anyone gotten the MCP software to run under wine?  The user interface 
seems to come up and run normally, but it can't find the radio (times out).  
~/.wine/dosdevices/com2 points to my serial port, and I can talk to the 
radio's TNC via kermit, so I believe all the pieces are hooked together 
correctly.  Any ideas?

Greg  KO6TH
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