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Re: ts 2000 questions

At 5:25 AM -0500 7/8/06, Nick Pugh wrote:
>Questions on the TS 2000
>     1. Can you use the internal tnc and also control the radio at the same

In theory, yes. Both functions are on the same RS232 port, but each 
mode has a command to switch to the other mode, so a single piece of 
software that handles both could do so. I am not aware of any 
software package that does it, though.

To switch from packet to radio control:

TC 1<CR>

To switch from radio control to packet:

TC 0;

( no CR required). These commands are documented in the appendix of 
the manual along with all the other radio control commands.

In addition, of course, there's nothing stopping you from using the 
internal TNC for its own internal function within the TS-2000 (packet 
cluster tune and Sky Command II) while also using the radio control 
interface. Indeed, there are radio control interface commands that 
directly support those functions.

>     2. will the radio put dc on the coax to power a roof top preamp.


73  -Paul
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