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Re: AO-51 Operations (digipeater?)

>>> "Andrew Glasbrenner" <glasbrenner@mindspring.com> 07/05/06 10:38 PM >>>
>The digipeater is now on again.... and runs about 0.3 watts 
>on the digital transmitter...

Yes, I wonder if the ECHO team has analyzed the number of users
of the BBS downlink to determine if keeping the transmitter on 100%
dutycycle at 0.3W is really the best use of the average power
on the bird.  Since only about 10% of the planet has HAM users,
this would seem to be wasting 90% of the available TX power.

Wouldnt it be better to have the BBS downlink only come on when
it detects a user on the uplink?   Maybe it already does this and 
I only hear it on because I listen when others are using it.  If that
is the case, then my complements to the builders...

But if it is just a carryover of the Pacsat protocol from the older
birds, then it would seem to be a possible waste of power.  If the
TX only came on when it had users inview, then instead of .3W
100% of the time, it could probably easily do 2W in a bursty mode.
Of course, I realize that turning it on and off invites all kinds of 
wasted power in TX delays, but with smart software, it could
amortize these delays and once up, over a populated area,
remain up until 30 seconds after the last user was  heard.

Just kibitzing.  Sorry if this has already been considered.
But increasing the downlink from 0.3W to 2W would be a very
noticable difference to the users.

de WB4APR, Bob
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