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Re: AO-51 PBBS operation

>>> "Stephen E. Belter" <seb@wintek.com> 07/06/06 1:16 PM >>>
>I'm new to Pacsats in general and to the AO-51 PBBS operation. 
> After much experimentation, I have succeeded in uploading and 
>downloading messages to AO-51 using WiSP....
>WiSP/MSPE is giving me a message referring to the callsign PACB-1.  
>What is PACB-1?  If it is associated with the BBS, where do I need 
>to add it to WiSP and/or MSPE?

PACB-1 is the digipeater callsign and is not used for the BBS.
nor for the PACSAT protocol and the software you are running.

The callsign PACB-1 is for conventional  live digipeater relay 
like normal packet relay.  You can use it to communicate 
live with other stations or to relay your position, status or
mesages into the global APRS internet system.   Bob
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