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Re: AO-51 Operations (digipeater?)

>>> "Andrew Glasbrenner" <glasbrenner@mindspring.com> 07/05/06 10:38 PM >>>
>The digipeater is now on again and will remain on as long 
>as it does not interfere with the BBS users. Until we get a 
>grip on how this impacts the BBS users, no unattended 
>operations, OK? 

Yes, I think that is perfect.

>AO-51 unlike previous PACSATS only has one uplink frequency ...
>I would appreciate feedback on how well it works. A lack of 
>feedback will probably be viewed as a lack of interest, so I 
>encourage everyone to report their success or failure...

Thanks.  Yes, I do not expect this to be a high use feature,
just a no-cost added capability for experimentation.  So I 
will not be disappointed at very low usage.  But at
these low levels of activity with no impact on other users,
it is nice to know it is there for when someone does want to
use it.    Thanks

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